Samurai vs Ninja – Who Is The Deadliest Warrior

Ninjas were low-class mercenaries and assassins. Credits: RocketNews 24

Ninjas were low-class mercenaries and assassins. Credits: RocketNews 24

Japan is one of those countries that has undergone a total downfall on one hand and complete cultural flourishing on the other. At both times, Japanese people have always strived to reach uniqueness and perfection. When it comes to ancient fighting and warriors, Japan can be said to have a rich history. Among them are ninjas and samurai. Often people confuse these two, but in this article, you will get to know the differences between them.

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Ninjas Were Mercenaries Who Served Anyone That Paid Their Price

What everyone should know about samurai and ninja is the difference in class. In order to get to know who they exactly were, you should understand that samurai and ninja belonged to the noble yet different classes of ancient Japanese society. Namely, ninjas were often mercenaries, assassins, and spies and served anyone who was willing to pay their price. Though highly skilled, ninjas rather belonged to low-class mercenaries. Despite the similarities in many aspects, the history of the ninja and of the samurai start from the same historical story. Prince Yamato disguised as a woman murdered two men with a sword. Even though a ninja or a samurai does not include the female disguise, this story is said to be the start of their first warrior ways.

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