Roman Legion vs Vikings: who would win?


The Vikings’ weapons of choice were the spear, sword and battle-axe. The spear was the most common one, and the swords were only carried by the nobility. All the weapons, particularly swords, were finely decorated and could have been considered works of art. In case of the Romans, however, swords, or gladiuses, were very common, and were used together with javelins and spears (hastas). When it came to the armour, neither party would wear horned helmets, no matter how many times pop culture might try and convince us otherwise. In fact, helmets were only worn by the Viking leaders. Each Roman soldier, on the other hand, had a helmet and armour that was structured really well, with leather straps holding together several iron strips. Viking shields were kite-shaped and allowed for better protection of the legs, whereas the Roman shield helped to protect their entire body and were light enough to maneuver really well.

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