Greek Mythology Facts: Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Ares and Aphrodite.

Ares and Aphrodite. Source: Wikimedia

Greek mythology has been a favourite subject of study for many scholars for a very long time, and a popular platform for popular culture adaptations in recent years. The world of the Olympians is a complex and fascinating one, and this article attempts to bring you closer to them by revealing some of the most amazing facts about Greek gods and goddesses.

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Aphrodite, Ares and Their Kids

“Make love not war” is a saying that goddess of love Aphrodite seemed to have little regard for when she entered into a tumultuous adulterous (even by Olympian standards) affair with Ares who was literally War. Five kids, including Eros, were a result of the relationship. It is therefore quite easy to believe that in addition to being the personification of love and beauty, Aphrodite was associated with War almost as much as Ares and Athena by the Greeks. Surprisingly enough, quite a few magistrates worshipped her instead of Athena who would’ve been the obvious choice in their case. Ares, on the other hand, was quite a coward, so perhaps Aphrodite was the better figure for the personification of War.

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