Did Jesus Have a Wife?

Fans of “The Da Vinci Code” rejoiced as the new evidence came into light last year about Jesus having a wife. It’s true that we don’t know much about that period of history and the early days of Jesus’ life, but can we really assume that he was indeed married?

What Does the Evidence Say?

Another piece of evidence is the “Lost Gospel”, dating back to the 6th century AD that tells us that Jesus was indeed married to Mary of Magdalene and even had children. This “Lost Gospel” is believed to have survived Emperor Constantine’s order to destroy all gospels except the four by Mark, Matthew, Luke and John that we know today. This gospel refers to Jesus as a rabbi, and rabbis were, and are, to be married to lead a congregation. It also talks about Mary of Magdalene washing Jesus’ body after the Crucifixion, which wasn’t done back then, unless the rabbi and the woman were married.

Just How Credible is the Evidence?

As compelling as the evidence sounds, however, the Church of England is reluctant to accept it, claiming that it sounds more like popular fiction than historical evidence. Their reluctance is quite understandable – a revelation like that would, after all, change everything.

There is also another piece of evidence that suggests that Jesus was married – a tiny piece of papyrus that quotes Jesus talking about his wife. However, this fragment is over 300 years younger than Jesus, and it hasn’t actually been authenticated yet, so it can’t be said with certainty that it cites accurate facts. Moreover, the alleged marriage between Jesus and Mary of Magdalene has been the subject of much speculation, and popular culture has exploited it on many occasions over the years.

It’s also possible that the texts were referring to a “sister-wife”, not a sexual partner – i.e. someone who manages the household, but there’s no intimacy between the spouses. That would certainly present fewer problems for religious groups, but the evidence is inconclusive either way.

The Da Vinci Code – was Dan Brown correct?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this novel when it was first published back in 2003 and somehow, the buzz still hasn’t died out. The plot in a nutshell is that a scientist is called to consult on a ritualistic murder which puts him on a path towards discovering buried information about Jesus and his family, leading to the realisation that the messiah was married. The gospels that Brown cites as research sources don’t say anything about Jesus being married, however, and we certainly can’t take the word of this author of popular fiction (however good) as gospel. But the question is – can we take all the other evidence listed above as such? And wouldn’t The Bible have mentioned something as important as Jesus’ marriage?

Could He Have Been Married? What Would It Mean?

Marriage itself isn’t considered to be a sin; so arguably, it wouldn’t invalidate what Jesus had done for the world if he indeed were married. However, the opinions on such a subject vary considerably. While some believe that a revelation like that would bring up various theological issues, others don’t see it that way.

While there’s currently no foolproof evidence that Jesus was a married man, there’s also no absolute evidence that he was not. So, although over 2,000 years of history and research have revealed nothing about Jesus’ matrimonial union with Mary of Magdalene until now, we don’t actually know for certain that he wasn’t married, and it would probably take a lot more than popular fiction and evidence that may or not be forged to prove either way.

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