Caesar vs Pompey: Clash of the Deadly Rivals

The Sicilian Pirates were a great threat to Rome. Pompey decided to put an end to the pirates' dominion in the Mediterranian. Credits: Pinterest

The Sicilian pirates were a great threat to Rome. Pompey decided to put an end to the pirates’ dominion in the Mediterranian. Credits: Pinterest

At the height of its power, Rome not only accomplished great things and achievements but also faced many problems and threats such as slave rebellion in Sicily in 73 BC and Pirate attacks on strongholds in the eastern Mediterranean. Challenging times require army generals like Pompey and Julius Caesar to deal with challenges. At first, these two great historical figures were on friendly terms, but they then became deadly rivals.

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Pompey Removed The Pirates Out Of The Mediterranian

Pirates, especially the Cilician pirates, controlled the Mediterranean sea starting from the 2nd century BC until their suppression by Pompey in 67-66 BC. After the appointment of Pompey, the prices of wheat and other goods stabilized, which went in favor of ending the foreign threat.

That foreign threat was the pirate activity that impeded the rule of Rome, particularly in the Mediterranian. In 67 BC, accompanied by a large contingent of ships, Pompey was eager and ready to wipe out the pirates.

The tactics included driving the pirates inland where they would be in no position to offer resistance. After having utilized his tactics successfully, Pompey wanted to integrate those former pirates into the Roman society by offering them life as farmers. For these reasons, Pompey delivered on his promises to secure Roman waters from piracy threats.

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