Alien Intervention: Top 5 Theories On the Origins of Life That Aren’t Darwinism or Creationism

An artists depiction of a world beyond our Solar System

An artists depiction of a world beyond our Solar System, via

We might not yet know for certain where we came from or how life on Earth had begun in the first place, but throughout history, there have been many theories. The most widely accepted theories are Darwin’s theory of evolution and Creationism. That’s not to say, however, that there haven’t been others. Below you can find five examples of theories about the origins of life on Earth.

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A recent study implies that life on Earth began as a result of “organic molecular cocktails” spreading throughout the stars, and some of them ending up on Earth and taking root in the habitable environment. The seeds could’ve been carried via comets or asteroids. Researchers are comparing this notion to an epidemic – life infecting the galaxies, so to speak.

This theory is, as of yet, neither confirmed not disproven, so it’s quite possible that the truth is indeed out there. If it is, it can serve as the official confirmation that we aren’t alone in the Universe!

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