ACHILLES WAS NOT A HERO: 7 reasons why Brad Pitt’s portrayal in “Troy” is terribly wrong.

"The Rage of Achilles" by Giovanni Batista Tiepolo.

“The Rage of Achilles” by Giovanni Batista Tiepolo. Source: Wikimedia

The “Hero” of The Iliad and of the 2004 movie Troy is, of course, fictional, but the book is based on real historical events. Troy is a (very) loose adaptation of The Iliad and the Achilles depicted in the book is nothing like Brad Pitt’s portrayal in the movie. We’ve compiled a list of things that the film’s depiction of the Greek hero has gotten very wrong.

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Achilles was merciless and bloodthirsty

In Homer’s poem, the author does not downplay Achilles’ mean streak, especially after his fight with Agamemnon when he delights in watching the Greeks being slaughtered by the Trojans, and after that when Achilles fights for the Greeks again with unbelievable mercilessness. Hector’s murder and Achilles’ despicable treatment of his body is one of the well-known illustrations of what Achilles was like.

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