9 Legendary Ancient Weapons That Influenced Our Culture Through History


This dagger was capable of casting its master into shadow. Credits: Wikia

Over the course of the human history, the importance of warriors and their weapons have been immense. Though many of them are just material from ancient stories, some of these weapons exist even today and can be found in museums all around the world. We present to you all types of weaponry that have had a great influence on humanity.

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Carnwennan Was The Dagger Of King Arthur In The Welsh Arthurian Legends

Legends about King Arthur are widely known in English storytelling but rarely is King Arthur considered in Welsh storytelling. A Welsh version of King Arthur is a warrior who wielded a magical weapon named Carnwennan, a dagger with the ability to cast its master into shadow. Arthur used this dagger to slain the witch Orddu and slice her in half. Welsh legend has it that Arthur wielded two other objects given to him by the gods – the sword Caledfwich (the Welsh name for Excalibur) and the spear Rhongomiant.

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