7 Shocking Facts About Attila That Justified His Nickname the Scourge of God

Hun warriors pillaging, Source: Wikimedia

Hun warriors pillaging, Source: Wikimedia

Attila the Hun terrorized the whole Europe for about 20 years and by the time of his death he was known as The Scourge of God. If you ever wondered why, here are some reasons why his brutality brought him this nickname.
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1. Terrifying tactics

Attila often used tactics that made his enemies tremble in fear. His warriors often attacked scared their enemies with varied and discordant cries making them feel like they were fighting demons or wild animals. They attacked from all side, often from distance, without even a slight mercy for those who stand opposite of them on the battlefield. They spread havoc and disorder among their foes, often managing to plunder the enemy camp before even being noticed. That’s why not many dared to oppose Attila and his wild Huns.

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