7 Medieval Knights Who Inspired Fear in Their Enemies

Battle on the Ice.

Battle on the Ice. Source – Wikimedia

History tells us stories of many brave and valiant knights who fought tournaments and battles. Some of those knights were… less chivalrous than others. Here is a list of seven knights who believed to have inspired fear in the hearts of their enemies.

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Alexander Nevsky

This Russian prince might have been royalty but he was far from a pampered aristocrat. In fact, he is considered one of the best Russian warriors of the medieval times. In 1240, he inspired fear in the hearts of the Swedes in the Neva battle – hence the name Nevsky. Only a couple of years later, his army destroyed a legion of Teutonic Knights on a frozen lake. This battle became known as “Battle on the Ice”.

Nevsky’s military skills weren’t the only notable thing about him, however. He was also an amazing politician. Which was exactly what Russia (or back then, Rus’) needed during the Mongol Invasion. Of course, living with the Mongols since the age of 8 might have had something to do with Nevsky’s diplomatic skills. His close alliance with the Golden Horde has certainly helped Russia in the long run.

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