7 Most Important Dynasties of China

The Shang Dynasty was known for making big bronze sculptures Credits: http://www.flavorandfortune.com/

The Shang dynasty was known for making big bronze sculptures Credits: www.flavorandfortune.com

It goes without saying that China and its culture has been the cultural forerunner for many countries. Dating from the period of 2000 years BC, it is one of the oldest cultures in the modern history of man. The list of 7 most important Chinese dynasties has the objective to introduce you with the most relevant facts of Chinese imperial era.

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Shang Dynasty and the Development of Writing and Bronze Technology

The Shang dynasty (1600-1046 BC), also called the Yin dynasty, was located in the Northern China. Due to its cultural inheritance, it is thought to be the cornerstone of the Chinese history. It was the first dynasty for which there was both archeological and documentary evidence to support its existence. During this period, the Chinese used turtle shells and flat cattle as a means of writing. The Shang dynasty introduced the use of bronze metallurgy. As a result, many bronze temples and artifacts date from this time.

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