6 Myths and Legends of the Middle Ages That Still Puzzle Us Today


Merlin. Source: Wikimedia

To this day, we haven’t completely figured out where our beloved mythical creatures such as unicorns and dragons actually come from. The truth is, some of them have been the stuff of legends for hundreds, thousands of years. Below you can find some information about myths and legends that we still don’t know much about.

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Arthur and Merlin


The existence of the legendary British ruler and his mentor Merlin whom popular culture loved depicting in all shapes in forms pretty much since the Middle Ages has never been confirmed or denied one way or another. Characters beloved by many of us have found their roots in British medieval folklore and romance. Some historians claim that the legend of King Arthur was based on a real king of post-Roman Britain who defended England against the Saxons. They also say that the character of Merlin was based on a 6th-century Scottish Druid who, however, lived about a century after Arthur’s alleged demise.

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