Top 7 Ancient Civilizations That Possessed Advanced Technologies

Chinese Seismograph

Chinese Seismograph, Credits: Wikimedia



A list of the most advanced ancient civilization as regards technology would not be complete without China. Historians often relate some of the most important human inventions to the ancient Chinese. Those commonly ascribed to the Chinese include gunpowder, print, compass, paper money. Moreover, complex machines that could produce goods on an industrial scale, precision seismographic instruments to predict earthquakes, drilling machines that were used to find natural gas hundreds of meters beneath the ground, the cosmic engine that could not only tell the right time but also predict the passage of the planets and the stars, blast furnaces that could melt metal like in modern metallurgical facilities today – these are just some of the advanced technologies that the ancient Chinese presented to the rest of the world.

What made China such a fertile ground for numerous and quality scientific discoveries was the unity of its people. Nevertheless, it was also always home to great minds and inventors, like for example Zhang Heng. He was a celebrated astronomer and a scientist who in 132 AD created the seismograph, the first instrument of its kind to forecast and report an earthquake. His version of a seismograph was decorated with animals such as tortoises, birds, toads. On top there were eight dragons representing eight directions. Depending on how the copper ball moved around, direction and force of an earthquake could be gauged.

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