Top 5 Ancient Languages That Are Still Alive And Spoken Today

Albanian (GjuhaShqipe)

Perhaps surprisingly, Albanian language has a spot on this list. The article is about the old languages still SPOKEN today – although Albanian has only been written down for 500 years or so, the spoken language is technically older than Modern Greek. In fact, it has existed as early as the first century BC! Albanian is a language distinct from other modern European language because it’s a separate branch of Indo-European languages – a language isolate – although it’s heavily influenced by Latin.

Today, Albanian is spoken by 5 million people and enjoys official status in Albania and Kosovo, although it is also widely spoken in Macedonia, Serbia and Greece.

Fun fact – since it took centuries for written Albanian to develop, the alphabet is made up for 36 simple (D, E) and compound (ll, nj) letters, borrowed from Latin and Cyrillic.

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