Spartans vs Athenians – Who had the stronger army?

Athens Was Famed For Its Navy

Athens had the exceptional navy ships such as the Triremes. Credits: Preceden

Athens had the exceptional navy ships such as the Triremes. Credits: Preceden

Unlike the Spartans, the Athenians focused on building up impeccable navy forces. During the warring years, the dominance of Athens at sea was growing. This rapid rising power occurred under the rule of Demosthenes when the Athenian navy gained its monumental strength, which allowed them to compete the Spartans. Due to the sea dominance, Athens was in control of the vast sea space as well as many Greek “poleis” (city states). What set Athens’ navy apart from both Sparta and others is the Triremes, a revolutionary ship at that time. The Trireme is considered to be an addition to the earlier Bireme, being more efficient and powerful on the battlefield. The Trireme was comprised of 170 oarsmen, soldiers, sailors and a captain. Because of its in-battle ferocity and the bronze ramming beak on the front, the Trireme was way ahead in speed and manoeuvring compared to other ships.

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  • Nathan

    The Peloponnesian War proved who was the stronger. Athens did win some battles on land against the Spartans, but the war ended with a Spartan victory over the Athenian fleet. Each side’s expected advantage proved to be less certain than expected.

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