Roman Legion vs Vikings: who would win?

Modern replica of a Viking vessel.

Modern replica of a Viking vessel. Source: Wikimedia

Who would win? Case in point

Well, first things first – unlike our previous article in this series, we don’t actually have any evidence to suggest that either part would win a confrontation between them. There is a common misconception that the Vikings have invaded Rome and brought the end of the Roman Empire. However, it is erroneous to call the “goths” and the barbarians “Vikings”. Vikings were much further north than the invaders of the Roman Empire.

However, given the picture that I’ve painted in this article, it’s quite safe to say that if a Roman legion were to meet a Viking formation on land, the Romans’ skills and experience would win over the brute force of the Vikings. On the other hand, if the two were to meet at sea, it can be said with utmost certainty that the victory would belong to the Vikings.

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