Minoans: 6 Interesting Facts About the Ancient Civilization of Crete

Minoan Crete Map.

Minoan Crete Map. Source: Wikimedia

To this day, not much is known about the Ancient Civilization of Crete, and even fewer people know that it even existed. This article aims to provide you with an introduction into the Minoan Civilization of Crete and some interesting facts about its history and its people.

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The First European Civilization

Indeed, the Minoans pre-date the Greeks and the Romans. The Crete-based bronze-age civilization originated circa 2,500 BC and flourished until approximately 1,450 BC. The civilization, first discovered by archeologist Sir Arthur Evans over 100 years ago, is best known for the myth of the Minotaur of Knossos, which we shall explore in the meantime.

Homer has described the island of Crete as “an island abundant of people where in ninety great cities different languages were heard”.

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  • Kathy Ec

    You separate Cretans from Greeks but concerning what Homer has said, you only say “different languages were heard”. Do you have any info about? I found this:
    “Some time after the decline of the Minoan civilization, Homer refers to Crete in his poems on several occasions. He calls Crete “hospitable, handsome, and fertile”, and a land with many cities where Minos ruled. Homer refers to Cretans of many races: Eteocretans, Pelasgians, Ahaeans, Dorians, and Kydonians.”
    Three definitely Greek races (ancient Greeks were defining themshelves using these names), one having a greek name (Kydonians) so what else could they be and one (Eteocretans) named after their language found, a combination of Greek and hieroglyphs the first written languages of every people on earth as nobody started using letters at once.

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