Gods of War: 7 Deities That Propagated Violent And Bloodthirsty Rituals

Human sacrifice in the name of Inti were called capacocha. Credits: Pinterest

The human sacrifice ritual in the name of Inti was called capacocha. Credits: Pinterest

Inti – the Incan god of sun

This deity of Incas accepted many gifts such as treasures, animals, plants and people. In the case of denying Inti the human victims, people would be doomed to bad luck and no light. Children were often used in a ceremony of sacrifice called capacocha. To appease the deity, the child had to be healthy, beautiful, strong and pure. Then, the child would be fostered for years to come before the eventual murder. Afterwards, the ceremony would take place at the summit of the mountain, where accompanied by the priests, parents and chieftains, the child would be killed. The most usual methods of killing the child were blow to the head, burying the victim alive or strangulation.

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