Gods of War: 7 Deities That Propagated Violent And Bloodthirsty Rituals

Moloch was exceptionally fond of children sacrifice. Credits: SodaHead

Moloch was exceptionally fond of children sacrifice. Credits: SodaHead

Moloch – Children were thrown into fire alive as a human sacrifice

Moloch, also called Ba’al of Ba’al Moloch, was a deity which was worshiped by nations that lived in the ancient Middle East such as Phoenicians, Israelites, and Carthaginians. This deity also made its way to the Bible for its unscrupulous and bloodthirsty rituals. In order to be accepted by Moloch, the citizenry was inclined to human sacrificing. His favorite gifts included children. Some say that people would place their own child into the fire. After the burning of the body, some would collect the remaining bones and put them under the doorstep, which would ensure fertility and well-being for the entire family.

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