Who Are the Descendants of Genghis Khan?

 In the round cartuche the legend "the Just Khan Mongke Timur"

In the round cartuche the legend “the Just Khan Mongke Timur”, Credits: Wikimedia

Russian Royal Family


Many members of the Russian Royal Family married to the descendants of Genghis Khan, the most famous marriage being that of St Fyodor the Black of Yaroslavl to the daughter of Mengu-Timur. The marriages were mostly the result of the princes from the Rurikid Dynasty of Russia attempting to forge an alliance with the Mongols after the Invasion of Russia. Quite a few Mongolian princes have also settled in Russia, for example the great-grand-nephew of Genghis Khan who founded St Peter’s monastery in Rostov. The Rurikid Dynasty was a predecessor of the Romanov dynasty and chances are, Genghis Khan’s blood also ran through the veins of all the grand emperors of Russia.

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