Caesar vs Pompey: Clash of the Deadly Rivals

Caesar Led His Army To Conquer The Whole Of Gaul

Perhaps one of the best-known episodes in the Roman history is Gallic Wars and the Roman commander that waged them, Julius Caesar. At the time, Julius Caesar was a rising star of the Roman political world when appointed governor of northern Italy and southern France in 59 BC.

Ambitious by nature, Julius Caesar was not content to stay within the boundaries of his provinces, so he embarked on a campaign of conquest. His first target was the Gallic peoples. In order to gain their trust, he offered a helping hand in their endeavor to fight back foreign aggressors. In the second year of his command, he decided to conquer the Gallic lands.

The Gauls offered great resistance, almost inflicting serious defeats on the Roman legions. Nonetheless, it took 6 years for the Romans to yield results and conquer the whole of Gaul. But the greatest test was yet to come for the Gauls rose up in revolt the following  year. Once again, the Gauls were defeated, and Caesar was ready to turn his attention to the seizure of supreme power in Rome itself.

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