ACHILLES WAS NOT A HERO: 7 reasons why Brad Pitt’s portrayal in “Troy” is terribly wrong.

"The Rage of Achilles" by Giovanni Batista Tiepolo.

“The Rage of Achilles” by Giovanni Batista Tiepolo. Source: Wikimedia

The “Hero” of The Iliad and of the 2004 movie Troy is, of course, fictional, but the book is based on real historical events. Troy is a (very) loose adaptation of The Iliad and the Achilles depicted in the book is nothing like Brad Pitt’s portrayal in the movie. We’ve compiled a list of things that the film’s depiction of the Greek hero has gotten very wrong.

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Achilles was merciless and bloodthirsty

In Homer’s poem, the author does not downplay Achilles’ mean streak, especially after his fight with Agamemnon when he delights in watching the Greeks being slaughtered by the Trojans, and after that when Achilles fights for the Greeks again with unbelievable mercilessness. Hector’s murder and Achilles’ despicable treatment of his body is one of the well-known illustrations of what Achilles was like.

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  • Boris

    I think this article doesn’t really understand the concept of historiography. By the standards of his time achilles was a great hero, especially for all the reasons stated here. His tempur tantrums were seen as justified by the greeks of his time, parentage was pretty much the only way a person was considered a hero (everyone was descended from some randy god) and he hardly manipulated his mother, she basically fed his petty desire for glory. Hector was also only a good guy by modern standards

  • humphrey

    The point of this article was to show difference between Brad Pit and Achilles. There is no point in doing that, because Troy was not an adaptation of Iliad at all. Achilles in Troy is not protected by dipping in Styx river, for example, so he can not be compared with the Achilles from the Iliad. Unfortunately for the writer of this text, Achilles was indeed revered as an ultimate hero (next to Heracles) in ancient Greece. The whole idea of heroism and virtue was a bit different back in those times, than it is in modern Western Society.
    If you read through entire Ancient Greek mythology, you will not find a single character that is “super” (they all have flaws, even the gods). There is no “knight in shining armor”. Their bad habits and negative actions were blamed on fate and gods, which was one of the points in everyday ancient Greek life – you can not defy fate and gods.
    So Achilles and Heracles were actually revered because they managed to overcome all the difficulties in their lives. We should never compare them to our “standards” of heroes, which have nothing to do with reality, unlike the ancient Greek heroes, who were flawed.

  • Hisham Jalal

    Big pictures with little words. Traits of a shitty article/author.

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