9 Legendary Ancient Weapons That Influenced Our Culture Through History

The visions helped Joan of Arc to find her holy sword. Credits: Medieval Collectibles

The visions helped Joan of Arc to find her holy sword. Credits: Medieval Collectibles

Saint Joan Of Arc Found Her Sword Along With Two Scabbards Behind The Altar

Saint Joan of Arc is a legendary French heroine. She is considered to have been one of the most courageous women throughout the entire history. She is known for many courageous deeds, but little is known about her fighting vessels, that is to say, the holy sword that she found behind the altar of the Church of Saint Catherine of Fierbois. Namely, she had many visions from saints, and one of them was from Michael the Archangel who gave her directions to find her holy weapon. Upon finding the sword, the rust was wiped off completely and five crosses were exposed. Historians agree on the fact she used the sword in battle, but are not sure whether she killed anyone with it.

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