7 Unusual Facts About Christmas in the Ancient World – Saturnalia

The Romans Enjoyed Saturnalia. That's Why They Made It a One-Week Festival

The Romans enjoyed Saturnalia. That’s why they made it a one-week festival. Credits: freethoughtalmanac.com

Saturnalia Was a One-week Festival

Even though it began as a celebration of just one day, it soon proved so popular among the Romans that it ended up being celebrated for an entire week. Starting as a one-day holiday on December 17th, it then came to be a three-day, and finally one-week festival, ending on December 23rd. The Romans realized that the moments when they were enjoying themselves should last a bit longer. Saturnalia was an opportunity for people to relax, forget about their liabilities, celebrate their good fortune, eat good food, and have great sex.

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