7 Brutal Viking Warriors You Didn’t Know About

Eric Bloodaxe

Eric Bloodaxe. Source: Wikimedia

Eric Bloodaxe

Technically, this guy was a Norwegian prince. Like many protagonists of medieval sagas, Eric murdered all but one of his brothers to ensure that he was his father’s sole heir. That is how he earned the name “Bloodaxe”. The nickname is particularly fitting since his father the King was, according to some historians, intending to give Eric the throne anyway.

The one brother Eric didn’t kill exiled Eric to Northumbria after Eric’s year as King of Norway. Not much is known about that year. However, Eric subsequently became the King of Northumbria – not once, but twice! This is of note because of how contested the Kingdom of Northumbria was during that time. Unlike his contemporary favourite poet Egil Skallagrimsson,  Eric Bloodaxe was killed in a battle.

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