7 Brutal Viking Warriors You Didn’t Know About

A church on Munso Island

A church on Munsö Island. Source: Wikimedia

History Channel show “Vikings” has given us a decent look into the Vikings’ society, albeit with a large dose of fiction. What the show doesn’t fail to tell is the brutality and badassery of the Viking warriors. Like those listed below (“Vikings” fans might recognize some names from this list!).

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Björn Ironside

Björn Ironside of the House of Munsö (today, that’s the name of a Swedish island) has been pretty much all over Southern Europe in the course of his raiding days. Together with his fleet, he raided the coasts of Italy, France, Spain and North Africa. Björn was probably the first military leader that has successfully executed the plan of faking his death. This happened in the town of Luni, Italy. Björn asked the priests to fake-bury him on consecrated ground and when the time came, he jumped out of the coffin and opened the gates of the city so that his men could invade. I guess it’s true what they say – a warrior with both brains and brawn is much more fearsome than your regular old brute!

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