7 Astonishing Facts About the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

giza pyramids

Giza Pyramids, via Flickr

One of the seven wonders of the old world, the ancient Egyptian pyramids stand to this day as an architectural and cultural marvel. They continue to baffle and challenge researchers, archaeologists, and historians across all meridians. While theories, reinterpretations and pieces of new evidence still rise in number, here are seven most astonishing facts about the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

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The Great Pyramid has 8-sided base

The Great Pyramid in Giza, ascribed to Pharaoh Kheops, is today the only remaining of the seven wonders of ancient world. Positioned on the Giza plateau it was built over only three generations of kings. Largely still impressive today, it once deserved the name of the tallest man-made structure for 4000 years. The enormous stone blocks that were used to build it could weigh anywhere near 8 to 70 tons. The Great Pyramid actually has eight sides, a more complicated architectural endeavor than a simple four-sided pyramid.

Inside, the Great Pyramid has three chambers. With uncanny precision, the Egyptian builders have cut a tunnel way through the solid block, around 90 meters long, and 1 meter wide, to reach the lowest chamber. To keep the exact same angle of the tunnel and to endure the difficult working conditions inside would ask for state of the art tools. Also, the builders worked with over two million stone pieces, all with different shapes and sizes which would make accurate construction much harder. Despite of this, the upper chamber is perfectly horizontal and vertical to the outer edges of the pyramid. The very outside of the pyramid was originally covered in fine limestone so that it reflected sunlight and could be seen from far distances.

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