6 Unusual Facts About the Ancient Mayan Rituals

Illustration of Mayan human sacrifice ritual, Credits: Pinterest

Human sacrifice

Perhaps the most infamous practice of the Mayan religion was the human sacrifice. They didn’t see it as murder. On the contrary, the Mayans considered offering themselves to the gods, who drank human blood, to be the most honorable thing they could ever do. People believed that all who have died in sacrifice went to go straight to heaven.
One of the popular human sacrifice methods was ripping out the heart by a priest who then burned it. This Mayan ritual was common at the most important ceremonies, such as the coronation of a ruler. Beheading was more common during other rituals. One of those rituals was a game, in which the goal was to hit a rubber ball through a hoop. According to sources, the ball represented the head of a decapitated warrior.

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