6 Fascinating World Creation Myths

Dâyuni’sï diving to the bottom of the sea, by Jay Mpelezos via CGSociety

Cherokee – North America

Usually, world creation myths start with gods or some other all-powerful being. But Cherokee Indians thought that everything started with a single bug. In their myth animals lived in the sky realm beneath which there was a vast sea. A water beetle named Dâyuni’sï decided to dive to see what’s below the water. When he came to the bottom he found only soft mud, which he carried to the surface. Mud expanded in every direction and became earth. All animals decided to come down the newly created earth, so they’ve sent a buzzard to make preparation for others. At one point he accidentally brushed the soft mud and thus creating mountains and valleys. When the mud dried animals came down, and as it was still dark, they brought sun to the earth with them. But they have set it low at first, so they elevated it few times to make earth less hot. So next time when you see a beetle, don’t kill it, as it may be a descendant of Dâyuni’sï, whose curiosity started it all.

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