6 Fascinating World Creation Myths

Kuba people – Central Africa

People of Kuba tribe in central Africa have one of unique world creation myths. It has a crucial detail – vomiting. Their creator god was Mbombo, who in the beginning sat alone in darkness and primordial water that covered the earth. All of a sudden, he felt sick so he puked out the moon, the sun, and all the stars. Thanks to the newly created sun, water started to evaporate. Soon, the dry land rose up and clouds were created from vapors. Then Mbombo felt sick and once again vomited. This time from his stomach came 9 animals and men. Those 9 animals went on to create all other animal species. Then Mbombos 3 sons decided to help, creating ants, plants, and kite bird. In the end, Mbombo taught humans how to light the fire. After that, satisfied with his creation, he retired to heavens. Who would have thought something good could come from vomiting, right?

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  • dennis12345

    I like the Hindu Gods. Brahma is everything in an undivided aspect. Shiva and Vishnu divide the aspects of the world between them. This reflects the various mental aspects of: awareness without an object=Brahma, The creative and destructive aspect without time=Shiva and the discriminating awareness of our everyday Yin/Yang lives=Vishnu.

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