5 Reasons Why the Quran Might be the Most Cherished Ancient Book Ever

There is a competition in memorizing the Quran lines for children. Credits: wkow.com

There is a competition in memorizing the Quran lines for children. Credits: wkow

There Is a Competition in Memorizing Quran Lines

Held annually, in Dubai, and for children, this competition is about reciting the book and its lines. A prize of 250,000 UAE dollars or $70,000 motivates many children of Islamic religion in the entire world to take part in this very popular competition in the Islamic world. The Dubai National Quran Awards was the reason of seventeen million people watching this competition. Besides the award for the best memorizer, there is also a prize for the most beautiful voice.

Not only will the competitors be awarded for their endeavor, but they will also be “promoted” in the Muslim world. Namely, those who have learned the Quran in full will be named “hafiz”, which will grant them a better position in the society.

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