15 Things You Might Not Know About Greek God Ares

2. Ares Is Considered To Be Similar To The Roman God Mars

According to some historians, Ares has a lot in common with Mars, but was generally more uncivilized and brutal. One may note the similarity between the names – Mars is basically Ares with an M attached. Some say there is a connection between the aggressive Ram sign of the Zodiac and Ares.

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  • Person

    ares is mars. Same people, different names. Just like Neptune and Poseidon

    • The Correcter

      not really. They are not the same people. The changed personalities and a little bit of there appearance. Poseidon is Poseidon. And Neptune is Neptune. Just like Romans and Greeks.

      • The Wave

        False … same exact people just a different language dude… romans don’t even exist just a name for the barbarian and Greek mixed people

        • reeeeeeeeee

          Wrong, The second guy was right. They were in charge of the same things yes but their personalities are relatively different, look it up lol

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