10 Colossal Treasures of the Ancient World Still to Be Found

The Treasure Locations Listed in the Copper Scroll

 The Copper Scroll is a part of an astonishing collection of documents from the 1st century, originally discovered in caves near Qumran, Israel. These documents are famously known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. However, there are vast differences between the Copper Scroll and the rest of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which makes scholars believe that it might have been placed in the cave at a different time than the rest of these ancient scriptures.

Almost everything is different in this scroll as opposed to the rest of them – style, language, even the author is different. Other scrolls were written on papyrus, yet Copper Scroll, as its name suggests, was written on copper and tin mixture. But perhaps the most astonishing reason that flames this theory lies in the fact that, unlike other scrolls which are all basically literary works, the Copper Scroll contains a list. Now we peaked your interest, right?


Did you know? A talent was a measure of money, namely talent-weight of gold and silver. The talent of gold typically weighed around 50kg (110lb)


This list outlines directions to locations at which gold and silver are buried, and the treasures are numbered in tons. The list also mentions gems, pottery vessels full of coins, and priestly garments. To sum up, more than 4,600 talents of precious metals are listed on the scroll, making the total treasure worth over a billion dollars.


The Copper Scroll

The Copper Scroll after unfolding. Source: Ancient Origins

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