10 Colossal Treasures of the Ancient World Still to Be Found

Lost Treasures

Lost Treasures. Source: Moviepilot

As Gwen Stephanie said: “All the riches baby, won’t mean anything,” and all we have to add is: “Of course, how could they when they are still lost to the world!” So, grab your maps, brush up on history and head out on an adventure that can prove to be very lucrative! Or at least, read this article and learn about the 10 treasures that still remain to be found. It’s fun, educational and… Let’s face it, everybody loves a good list.

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The Treasures Buried Inside the Tomb of Qin Shi Huang

Emperor Qin Shi Huang holds a pivotal place in Chinese history for being the first person to unite the land of China under one name. Qin Shi Huang died in 210 BC and, to ensure his reign in the afterlife, he had hundreds of thousands of conscripts build him a grand mausoleum as his final resting place. Legend has it that numerous treasures were placed inside the tomb upon its construction.


Qin Shi Huang

Qin Shi Huang. Photo by: Tomasz Sienicki


However, it is unlikely that the tomb will be excavated anytime soon for a number of reasons. Those range from the booby traps which may well be completely functional even today, the supposed lethal rivers of mercury encircling the tomb, as well as the fact that today’s technology is not advanced enough to safely deal with the underground complex. It still remains unknown what kind of treasures lie within. However, experts agree that they are likely to include precious items of jade, gold, bronze, numerous fine vessels and other precious items. And if this is any indication of the emperor’s wealth, Liu Xiang, a well-known scholar and a historian who lived from 77 to 6 BC, wrote that “nobody has ever been entombed in such a luxurious way as Qin Shi Huang.”


Terracotta Warriors protecting Qin Shi Huang

Terracotta Warriors protecting Qin Shi Huang. Source: Flickr

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